Questions & Answers

Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ section! Here, we provide quick and informative answers to commonly asked questions about our property management services. Whether you're a property owner or a prospective tenant, you'll find valuable insights to enhance your real estate experience. If you have any additional inquiries, feel free to reach out to our dedicated team for personalized assistance.

All pricing is based on a variety of things, with the goal of keeping vacancy rates low and your returns high. A tailored rate is disclosed to you when the team has all the information needed on the investment property.

All maintenance coordinated by LMR Property Management has a 10% mark up fee, unless otherwise prearranged by quote. Emergency calls (no heat, water, electricity) are handled within 24 hours notice and notified to you ASAP.

Disbursements to owners once a month. All expenses and income for your property will be recorded and entered by the 5th business day, of the month. Any balances after disbursement will be carried forward to the following month. Your corresponding statement will be available on the portal, as well as emailed directly to you.

  • Automatic through Software Portfolio
  • E transfer directly to our account
  • Post Dated Cheques

  • For both tenant an owner, a 24-hour service available by phone.
  • Software Portfolio (Mi Property) allows direct links to all team members for service, maintenance, or any other needs for the property.
  • Of course, we have the "old school" method of phone calls and emails as well!

  • All LTB services for nonpayment of rent or eviction are handled within your management fees, up to representation (paralegal) requirements.
  • Rent increases are automatically issued to tenants, within the guideline rates of LTB.
  • Tenant Placement for vacancies are according to rates agreed within your contract.